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"I was very disappointed in the community in Red Deer I previously lived at, it went down hill so fast, I had decided to move out. My friend told me about the Three Robins.

My granddaughter and I went to look at it, we were very impressed. I went back with a friend who also was impressed. I booked a room and gave my notice where I was living.

April 1, 2022 I moved in, it has been a wonderful place. Lots of activities and great people to talk to and visit with. I love my suite and all is wonderful. The two girls that run the place could not be better. They are stuck with me for a long time."

Three Robins Resident

"I found Three Robins on Facebook and was very interested. I booked a showing and I knew it was where I would be happy. It was the best move for myself and my cat “Rambles”.

There are so many activities to join in on and so many great people to enjoy them with. There is coffee on all day in the kitchen, if you want a cup and a chat, there is always someone to visit with.

The staff will go out of their way to make you comfortable and happy."

“A very fun place to live.”

Three Robins Resident

"When I decided to move off the farm, I had no idea where I was headed. I was scared. It was a big change after 58 years in the same place.

I spent weeks looking at apartments in Spruce Grove. I didn’t find anything that excited me and was becoming convinced I would never move. My friend suggested we try Stony Plain, but I didn’t feel much excitement.

The first day I was impressed with the town. It was smaller and felt more welcoming. Someone suggested the Three Robins, I agreed at look at it and made an appointment for a tour.

The minute I walked in the door, I knew this place was different. The staff was friendly and approachable and the people I met all smiled and welcomed me.

By the next morning I knew that I had found my new home. It will be one year in May when I moved in. It only gets better with each day. I feel that this is now home, and the people here are family. We laugh together, cry together and have a sense of belonging.

You all have given me so much more than I could ever repay! I have found happiness and peace and a wish to live to my full potential.

I love you all, celebrate your achievements and feel compassion for your bad times, you truly are my family."

Three Robins RESIDENT

"Our daughter told us that they had found a nice apartment in a new senior’s apartment building known as Three Robins.

Now it did sound like the place was for the birds (pun intended). However, upon inspection we found the building to be nice and the old birds nested there to be very hospitable. So, we agreed to move – more down-sizing.

Our daughter and her husband arranged all the moving. Upon being instructed to stay away from the apartment we stayed at a hotel for two nights. We went to the apartment on the 6th of April, 2021, to find that our daughter and her family had moved everything into the apartment, even hung up some pictures, put our clothes in the closets, and made our beds. All we had to do was unpack our overnight things and snuggle into the nest.

Do we like it here – in a word “YES!” As advertised, we can live life the way we want to. The management are very pleasant and helpful. The other birds in the nest are friendly and most have a great sense of humor. Was it worth the hassle of down-sizing and moving, sure it was!

Three Robins is a warm, cozy and comfortable nest to settle down in and we don’t regret the down-sizing and resettling."

Bob & Sylvia
Three Robins ResidentS
"A while after Mary passed, Peter thought his place was too large. He investigated a few places, then his friends mentioned Three Robins. Peter liked what he saw and moved in.

Peter moved to Three Robins Red Deer knowing with his age he wanted an environment that suited his needs. The community aspect is very important to him. He feels as though he belongs and is not alone."
Jolene Wilson
General Manager, Three Robins Red Deer
"Ten months it’s been since I moved in and what a change I’ve seen! No grass to cut, no windows to wash, no weeds to pull, and best of all No bills to pay! I’m independent and just pay rent!

I love it. Our focus is community. It gives me the opportunity to volunteer, to share in its success. It is our neighborhood, our home. It’s called Three Robins! I love it!"
Three Robins Resident

After eight months of living in Three Robins, Jim and Sandy are totally immersed in the culture of the building.

Jim is the President of the Residents Committee as well as being involved in the setup of the residents’ workshop and common spaces. Sandy is a lead in the arts, crafts and sewing room; she is part of various committees and takes regular turns cooking meals for the neighbours. They have gotten to know the residents in the building and have developed several meaningful friendships.

There is not a day goes by that they are not organizing and participating in events or just visiting in the common areas with their friends.

They say that “to date their experience at Three Robins has been everything they had hoped for and they would recommend the building to anyone who values a sense of community”.

Fran Loewen
Community Engagement Coordinator

"I moved to Three Robins near the end of February 2020. I'd been going through a lot of troubling times and this had been my third move within 7 months.

After getting slightly settled I wandered down to the common kitchen and found three residents doing jigsaw puzzles. Introductions were made and I sat down to visit. I immediately felt so comfortable and welcomed that, even though I was never a big fan of doing jigsaws, I got hooked. We continued playing together until COVID made that impossible.

Everyone here has been so friendly and welcoming. I feel I have finally found the place I’ve always meant to be even though I’ve never been a very social person. I have changed hugely for the better and I attribute it to living here."

Three Robins Resident
"After living on our family farm for 69 years I chose to move to Three Robins in Stony Plain.

I am happy to be living here where all my needs are met ,the staff and fellow tenants are always friendly and caring. My friends and family feel welcome in the building, and this means the world to me. I feel at home!"

Three Robins Resident
"Coffee is always on! The 2nd floor activities and social areas make it feel you have a home within a home."
Ellwood and Lorrainne
Three Robins Resident

"What is there not to love when you live at Three Robins Stony Plain.

The building looks fresh and shines. It is most appealing to the eyes. You walk in the building and every person there will greet you with a cheery hello.

Imagine on a cold winter day, you just slip out of the door at Three Robins and quickly enter the Stony Plain Library that is located on the first floor of the building.

The Building is right downtown - a short walk to just about anything. Most of all, when you come home from wherever you were - you feel as cozy as in a ‘Robin’s Nest.’

The second floor is designed for the residents. Here you can play, create and laugh. Something for everyone. Knitting, crocheting, sewing quilts for donations, exercising, watching movies, working with wood, making cards, Happy Hour, etc.

A beautiful big kitchen awaits the creative cooks. The coffee pot is always on and coffee hour is always. Monthly Birthday Celebrations are the hit of every month."

Trudy & Charles
Three Robins ResidentS

"Saturday morning luxuriation time with a coffee in hand and my eyes watching this little town come to life.

I love my little place in this community of friendly retirees where life can be as busy or as laidback as I choose.

Today, I am visiting with my family at my son's and we will visit, play games, eat and sing.

I am so fortunate to also have an extended family that cares for me!"

Three Robins Resident

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